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monogram sets

Monogram Frames Set 1: $19.95


This group of 5 frame motifs is the result of experiments with combining letters and design elements from our existing Monogram Sets - isolated, rotated, copied, mirrored - sometimes a bit taller here, a tiny bit wider or narrower there. Any manipulation we have done could also be accomplished in your embroidery software program.

A Note about Embellishments

Our Monogram Flourishes and Monogram Frames are intended as embellishments for our monogram sets. You can be as creative as you wish in choosing a monogram style to go with a particular Flourish or Frame, and your creativity can be further extended by choosing matching or mis-matching thread colors.

Since these motifs are designed to go around a monogram, the overall design size is likely to be larger than a 4" (101mm) hoop. It is up to you to determine if the design will fit within your hoop. You can resize these designs in your embroidery software program as needed. For an informative article on the basic issues with resizing, please see Resizing Designs in our FAQ Section.

Monogram Blends

Monogram Frames Set 1, Arts and Crafts 6 and Gothic 15 are included in:

Ornamental 2

Monogram Frames Set 1, Art Nouveau 5 and Diamond 4 are included in:

Emblem 1

Monogram Blends - elements from different Monogram Sets are combined to create a new style.

Free Sample: "C" is the Free Sample from Monogram Frames Set 1. To access the Free Samples page, please join our mailing list, then bookmark the Free Samples page for future use.

Resize Our Designs: All of our designs can be made larger or smaller within an embroidery software program with resizing capability. For more information, see our FAQ section on resizing.

Download Complete Frames 1 : 19.95    ?

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The complete Set is a single multi-format .exe file.

The included install wizard will automatically install your choice of 7 formats.     More info on installations?

Download Individual Designs: $4.95   ?

  • $4.95
  • Frame: A
  • (FR1609A)
  • 5 1/4" (133mm) tall
  • 5 5/16" (135mm) wide
  • 1 color
  • 9,210 stitches
Purchase Design
  • $4.95
  • Frame: B
  • 6 5/8" (170mm) tall
  • 6 15/16" (175mm) wide
  • 1 color
  • 20,875 stitches
Purchase Design
  • $4.95
  • Frame: C
  • (FR1609C)
  • 6 7/8" (172mm) tall
  • 6 7/8" (172mm) wide
  • 2 colors
  • 11,930 stitches
Purchase Design
  • $4.95
  • Frame: D
  • (FR1609D)
  • 7" (177mm) tall
  • 6 15/16" (175mm) wide
  • 2 colors
  • 21,130 stitches
Purchase Design
  • $4.95
  • Frame: E
  • (FR1609E)
  • 5 9/16" (142mm) tall
  • 5 9/16" (142mm) wide
  • 4 colors
  • 16,450 stitches
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monogram sets

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Mix and match monogram styles to create new and unusual monogram combinations.

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monogram sets
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