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Monogram Set - Moderne XL 11: $19.98

Moderne XL  11Monogram Set

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Moderne XL  11 Monogram Set

A bigger version of our popular Moderne Monogram Set 11 - for those with larger hoops.

These simple and thin satin stitch letters have a multitude of uses, from towels to bed linens. All of our XL styles these designs can be enlarged even further in your software - up to 10" (254mm) - without the need to convert the satin stitches to a fill pattern.

The artwork for this monogram style is from 1937. The satin stitch letters are embellished with four rounded satin stitch dots in ascending sizes, top to bottom. These elements can easily be eliminated for a simpler look.


52 Designs A thru Z, in 2 sizes, all upper case
(The complete set contains both sizes)

5 1/4" (133mm) high letters
1 color

7" (177mm) high letters
1 color

XL Monogram Sets

All embroidery designs can be resized within your embroidery software program. We encourage our customers to learn how their software resizes designs, and to experiment with resizing our smaller monogram set sizes. For an informative article on the basic issues with resizing, please see Resizing Designs in our FAQ Section

Embroidery machines do not like to sew satin stitch columns - which are a primary element of our monogram sets - beyond a column width of 9mm for some machines, 12mm for others. If you do the resizing you will likely need to convert larger versions to a fill pattern when this limit is reached or exceeded.

For our XL sizes we have redigitized the design elements to narrow wider columns so that the machine's limitations are not exceeded.

It is up to you to determine if you have a hoop large enough to sew our XL sizes, and a machine capable of supporting a larger sewing field. If you aren't able to take advantage of our XL sizes as they are provided you can use your software to reduce the design size as needed.


Romanesque 8 XL Monogram Set

Coming Soon - April 1st

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As with all of our complete Monogram Sets, we offer an immediate download.

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