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monogram sets

New Monogram Style for January 2020

Nuptial Monogram Set 2

Nuptial Monogram Set 2
Introductory Price: $31.95

This monogram style is a single-intial satin stitch letter flanked by two stylized 3 color flowers. This one is a particularly good candidate for white-on-white.

Nuptial 2 is included in the following Guided Search categories: Youth, Slant, Thin, Heirloom, Playful, Fashion, Decorative, Towels, Bed Linens, Tote Bags And Purses, Quilts, Napkins.

The free letter of the month is "S" from the Nuptial Monogram Set 2.

Custom Collection - On Sale This Month!

Monthly Sale

The four styles below are on sale this month.
Each is discounted - 15% off

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Buy all four of this month's On-Sale styles for $63.95 - that's only $15.96 each!

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Arabesque Monogram Set 8

Arabesque Monogram Set 8
Sale Price: $33.95 - 15% off

The flowing swirls of this classic monogram style are done in satin stitch with ample underlay to create a rounded look. The letters in this single-initial monogram style are framed by an arc on either side, done in two colors. Within the satin stitch border are areas of seed stitch, which add a luxurious texture as a counterpoint to the satin stitching. The letters can be used without the border by stopping your machine after the first color, or deleting the brackets in your embroidery software program.

Regal Monogram Set

Regal Monogram Set
Sale Price: $33.95 - 15% off

This two-color script style is influenced by designs produced on old zig-zag stitch monogramming machines. The shadowed effect can be created with either color as the lighter highlight, or for a simpler look sew only the first color. The mirrored brackets are an option, and can be added for decorative effect.

Romanesque Monogram Set 7

Romanesque Monogram Set 7
Sale Price: $33.95 - 15% off

This monogram style is digitized from 1940s artwork. The large letters are done as outlines in satin stitch with open centers between border elements, and each letter sits in the center with a two color rectangular satin stitch frame surrounding it. The smaller letters are simpler in style, and are intended for use in creating a three letter monogram by merging the appropriate letter on the left and right.

In addition to the three-letter combination shown, there are a multitude of possibilities: Want a single initial with frame? (use only the large letter) Want everything as a single color? (use the same thread for all three design colors). Want only the larger open letter without the frame? (skip color 1 and color 2 on your machine.) Want the larger open letter with flanking letters, but no frame? (merge the flanking letters on either side, then delete colors 1 and 2 in your software). You get the idea - simple manipulations create very different visual results.

Rustic Monogram Set 3

Rustic Monogram Set 3
Sale Price: $33.95 - 15% off

We're not exactly sure of the age of the artwork used to digitize this monogram set - but it feels like late 1940s - early 1950s. It has a post WW II quality, after the troops returned from the war in the Pacific. Polynesian crossed with summer Boy Scout camp. The satin stitch letters are framed by long, rounded columns with open ring accents on either side. As is typical of many of our styles, the letters can be used alone.

Monograms in the Movies

Special Feature
Monograms in the Movies

An archive of film scenes with monograms - updated monthly.

    With over 200 posted images of monograms in movies, we are - at least temporarily - out of suggestions. We hope to find some ourselves soon, or receive tips from others.

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monogram sets

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Mix and match monogram styles to create new and unusual monogram combinations.

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January 01, 2020

monogram sets
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