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monogram sets

New Monogram Style for November 2019

Kiddo Monogram Set 2

Kiddo Monogram Set 2
Introductory Price: $31.95

This monogram style is composed of lots of lines - carefully drawn, slightly overlapping, slightly irregular. It's sophisticated, yet childlike - just the way your sophisticated kid would draw it. Digitized in ample satin stitch it would look great on towels or baseball caps.

Kiddo 2 is included in the following Guided Search categories: Youth, Playful, Towels, Bed Linens, Tote Bags And Purses, Quilts, Napkins.

The free letter of the month is "E" from the Kiddo Monogram Set 2.

Custom Collection - On Sale This Month!

Monthly Sale

The four styles below are on sale this month.
Each is discounted - 15% off

Super Savings:

Buy all four of this month's On-Sale styles for $63.95 - that's only $15.96 each!

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Boomerang Monogram Set

Boomerang Monogram Set
Sale Price: $33.95 - 15% off

A large flamboyant two-color monogram style! The dark outline has underlay stitching so it can be used by itself, or use the letters without the border (or sew both in the same thread color) - lots of creative variations are possible.

Empire Monogram Set

Empire Monogram Set
Sale Price: $33.95 - 15% off

A graceful old-fashioned monogram style, designed to create three-letter combinations that form an oval shape.

Please Note

We first offered our Empire Monogram Set for sale in December 2001. It was digitized from hand-drawn artwork. The name Empire is a title that we invented to give this style a "grand" feel. Empire, and all of our other monogram styles are sold through our website, our retail dealer network of sewing stores, and one additional authorized source - embroidery.com, who share sales proceeds with us. Anything visually identical, whether a stand-alone design set, or a plug-in for a lettering or monogramming program is unauthorized and not the result of any arrangement with our company.

Five and Dime Monogram Set

Five and Dime Monogram Set
Sale Price: $33.95 - 15% off

We call this monogram style "Five and Dime" because the artwork is from an iron-on transfer pattern that was sold through Woolworth's Department Stores in the 1940s. The letters are digitized in a graceful satin stitch with plenty of underlay. This is another classic style that is perfect on bed linens, either tone-on-tone or in a bright, contrasting color.

This style is featured in "Hobknobbing" by Betsy Dubicki, Creative Machine Embroidery magazine, May/June 2003.

This style is featured in "Initialize" by Richards Jarden, Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine, January/February 2009

Kiddo Monogram Set 1

Kiddo Monogram Set 1
Sale Price: $33.95 - 15% off

This monogram style is perfect for that precocious child or grand-child on your gift list. Done in satin stitch with ample underlay - great on lots of things, from tote bags to towels. Create a special monogram for your favorite kid - or for the kid in you.

Monograms in the Movies

Special Feature
Monograms in the Movies

An archive of film scenes with monograms - updated monthly.

  • Aspen Extreme (1993)

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November 01, 2019

monogram sets
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