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Custom Collection - On Sale This Month!

Monthly Sale

The four styles below are on sale this month.
Each is discounted - 15% off

Super Savings:

Buy all four of this month's On-Sale styles for $63.95 - that's only $15.96 each!

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Candlewick Monogram Set

Candlewick Monogram Set
Sale Price: $33.95 - 15% off

A French handwork monogram style from the 1870s, with digitized candlewicking details. This two-color design looks equally vibrant and traditional sewn tone-on-tone with one thread color.

The Candlewick Monogram Set was developed in collaboration with Susan Schrempf and Gail Tibbetts.

This monogram style is used in the Cover article "Fleece with Flair!" by Sandra Clark - Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine, January/February 2005.

Circle Monogram Set 4

Circle Monogram Set 4
Sale Price: $33.95 - 15% off

This style looks perfect for a modern child's monogram, so you may be surprised to learn that it's an Art Deco style from the 1930s. Digitized with satin stitch letters and a two-color satin stitch border, the letters can be used alone by skipping the first two colors.

Cutwork Monogram Set 1

Cutwork Monogram Set 1
Sale Price: $33.95 - 15% off

Cutwork is an heirloom embroidery technique incorporating open areas into the overall design. In "Richelieu" cutwork, distinctive buttonhole bars cross the open areas. This handwork technique can be created by machine using heavy-duty water soluble stabilizer. The artwork for this monogram style comes from 1917.

Step-by-Step instructions are provided. For those not inclined to use the cutwork option this monogram style still looks beautiful.

Cutwork Instructions (pop-up window)
Download Printable Instructions (pdf)

This style is featured in Cutwork - from Store-Bought to Heirloom by Richards Jarden, Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine, September/October 2009.

Empire Monogram Set

Empire Monogram Set
Sale Price: $33.95 - 15% off

A graceful old-fashioned monogram style, designed to create three-letter combinations that form an oval shape.

Please Note

We first offered our Empire Monogram Set for sale in December 2001. It was digitized from hand-drawn artwork. The name Empire is a title that we invented to give this style a "grand" feel. Empire, and all of our other monogram styles are sold through our website, our retail dealer network of sewing stores, and one additional authorized source - embroidery.com, who share sales proceeds with us. Anything visually identical, whether a stand-alone design set, or a plug-in for a lettering or monogramming program is unauthorized and not the result of any arrangement with our company.

Quantity Discounts

The more you buy, the more you save!

  • Order $100 - 25% off
  • Order $149 - 30% off
  • Order $199 - 35% off
  • Order $245 - 40% off

These total order amounts can be composed of any combination of introductory style, monthly sale styles, etc. The shopping cart will automatically calculate the appropriate discount.

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