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Frequently Asked Questions

Anatomy of a Knock-Off

After more than ten years specializing in designs for monogramming, it’s probably inevitable that what we introduce begins to show up for sale as illegal copies or as imitations of our monogram styles.

This article is an attempt to educate embroidery machine owners on what to watch for in a knock-off design.

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Contact Us


Administrative Office:

(Contact this office for general questions or technical support)

1024 Addison Street
Philadelphia PA 19147
(v) 845-358-5546
(f) 845-358-2696

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Creating a Monogram

Our Monogram Sets consist of individual files for each letter of the alphabet. In many cases there are two included sizes, which makes it easy to create two and three-letter combinations by combining the appropriate letters from large and small sizes. Read a step by step guide for creating monograms. See the results of our Rules of Monogramming focus group for letter placement.

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Our site has two types of downloadable files: the free "Letter of the Month", and purchased products. This section explains how to download files to your harddrive.

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Finding Designs

If you are having trouble finding files once you have downloaded them read this.

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Formats Supported

1.We are a small company, and made the decision some time ago that we could not afford to retool our product line each time a machine manufacturer creates a new embroidery format.

2. We support 7 different formats. This means that our products are compatible with all home and commercial embroidery machines. Some machine types may require the user to convert the designs within their embroidery software program as they are used. Some users, particularly home embroiderers, may require additional software to transfer designs from their computer to a blank memory card.

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Installing Files

Learn how to install files, once they are downloaded.

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Letter Arrangement

The most conventional monogram arrangement consists of three letters: A larger central letter, flanked by two smaller letters, one on each side. One and two letter monograms also are traditional. Learn More.

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Letter Placement

Discover traditional placements for several categories of item, including sheets, pillow cases and bath towels. See the results of our Rules of Monogramming focus group for letter placement.

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Lower Case Letters

We are a monogramming company, and follow monogramming convention - typically upper case letters only, so we don't offer lower case letters, punctuation, etc. - the elements that come with a lettering program.

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Mac Computers

Using embroidery designs on a Mac computer.

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No Embroidery Machine?

Our designs are digitized for embroidery. They are software files for computerized home and commercial embroidery machines. While most embroidery software programs will allow you to print an image of the design, this image is generally useful as a visual reference for embroiderers, and probably isn't suitable for use on stationery or as a stencil for home decoration without considerable "tweaking" in a full-featured graphics program. Our design aren't available as patterns, stencils, True Type fonts, or in any other form. For those interested in purchasing an embroidery machine, this section includes much information to help you with your purchase.

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Intarsia Arts will not sell, rent, swap, or otherwise disclose any information provided on our mailing list form or download "Letter of the Month" form for any reason.

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ReDownload Purchase

The word "Downloading" is frequently misused. The term refers to the process of transferring a file from our internet website to your computer.

All of our products come to you as multi-format installation files. They include an "Installation Wizard" which goes through a series of installation screens. This process is "installing", not "downloading".

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Resizing Designs

If you wish to create specific sizes that we haven't provided, all of our designs can be resized within your own embroidery software program, provided that the software supports resizing. Learn how to resize.

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Return Policy

RETURN POLICY: We are happy to provide replacements for defective media shipped as mail-order products in the unlikely event that the installation media is damaged in shipment. Mail-order products that are unopened may be returned for exchange or refund within 30 days from date of purchase.

Downloaded products cannot be returned.

For security, our download product links are active for 24 hours after purchase. During that time your download order can be redownloaded using the link in the confirmation email that you received.

As a courtesy, we will resend download links without charge for up to 30 days from date of purchase. Please contact us by email, or by phone at 845-358-5546.

After 30 days, you can purchase Extended Download Service for $ 4.95 per order.

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Site Guide

Having trouble finding what you want. Find it with our Site Guide.

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Starting A Business1

(Part One - Equipment and Software)

Have you ever thought about starting your own monogramming business, and wondered how to begin? This is the first in a series of articles that we hope will be of assistance to anyone who is thinking about monogramming for fun - and profit.

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Starting A Business2

(Part Two - Pricing)

While there are new embroidery businesses sprouting up every day that are started by people with no background in embroidery, many new monogramming businesses are the result of a hobby that turns into a business.

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Starting A Business3

Although any monogramming business would love to be in a beautiful shop with great interior detailing, ample natural light for a warm and inviting environment, high visibility, lots of customer parking and low rent, not all will be able to find or afford the perfect setting - especially if you are just starting your business.

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Please read through "The Top Ten Technical Questions" to see if they answer your question. There is also additional information on other issues in this Frequently Asked Questions section.

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Thread Looping

"When I sew out a design, some of the stitches are loose, and there are loops. What's causing this problem?"


If looping occurs in your sewouts, there are a number of possible explanations. Although it may seem obvious to you to blame the design, it is never the direct cause.

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