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Frequently Asked Questions

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Finding Designs

Finding Downloaded Designs

If you cannot locate the file that you downloaded, go to the "Start" button, then to "Find", then to "Files or Folders". Type in the filename, and then click on the "Find Now" button. The program will search your hard drive until the file is located.

All of our free Letter of the Month files begin with "lm" as the first two letters of the filename, followed by the month designation. For example: lm0300.exe is the filename for the free Letter of the Month from March 2000.

For designs purchased and downloaded, you should have received a confirmation e-mail message about your purchase. This confirmation message contains a link to allow the downloaded product to be downloaded again if the Internet transmission is broken, or if there are other technical problems associated with the transaction. Additional downloads are free for 30 days from date of purchase. You can also purchase Extended Download Coverage, which extends this period to two years.

Click on this link, and download your purchase again, this time making a note of the filename. All purchased designs for download have filenames in a similar format: e.g. 98157.

Feedback or Questions about "Finding Designs" (2)

Do you have any baby lettering or saying that go on shirts for baby

EmbroideryArts Support answers:

We specialize in designs for monogramming - you might be interested in three of our products:

Kiddo Monogram Set

Alphabet Monogram Set

Also, our Big Name Dropper Products contain over 5000 already digitized first names, along with a Utility folder to add birthdays, etc.


--Posted by: jimmie leigh at July 31, 2006 05:43 PM

I have the Empire Monogram and have used it successfully for quite some time. When I try to bring up the K file a previous 3 letter monogram that I have done comes up and not the single K. This is not allowing me to do other monograms that start with a K. Not sure what has happened. Can you please tell me how to fix it?

EmbroideryArts Support answers:

When you create a three-letter monogram by merging three individual letter files together, the arrangement is temporary until you save the combination. It should be saved under a new filename - a job number, the monogram construction (e.g. KTJ) or some other name that you remember and can find again. You would choose "Save As" from your embroidery software program's File menu, then type in the filename.

At some point you created a combination using the letter K, then chose "Save" rather than "Save As" Whenever you choose "Save" the original file will be overwritten with the new version - in this case a three-letter monogram.

This is easy to correct. Use the Installation File that you downloaded from our website, or the original physical media (floppy disks or CD)to reinstall the designs, which will restore the set to its original condition. You can use the same procedure if you were to accidentally delete one of the letters.

--Posted by: Melody Holland at January 11, 2006 12:17 PM

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