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In Print

Monogram Wizard

Frederic Flagler HelmerIt has been 100 years since the publication of four fascinating articles in Good Housekeeping magazine. Written by Frederic Flagler Helmer, they are a must-read for anyone interested in monograms and monogram design.

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A Little Dab Will Do Ya

"Regional Focus: A Little Dab Will Do Ya"(excerpt)
by Ken Parsons
Stitches Magazine March 1999; Volume 13 No 3, pp. 46-48

Although we often link the entire northeastern corner of the U.S. into one group, it's actually made up of many dissimilar regions. Even so, each of these regions have embroidery ties of their own. New Jersey is famous for being the home of the American.

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Creating Fancy Names

by Richards Jarden

Names are commonly embroidered on jackets and shirts for the simple purpose of identifying the person wearing the garment, creating a durable "nametag". Standardization and modern times have resulted in a common expectation about what this kind of text should look like when it is used. Computer word processing programs, newspapers, magazines, etc, all use text in a primarily utilitarian manner. The goal is to simplify the graphic impact with as little variation of visual style as possible

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Digitizing Lesson

Start Lesson (pop-up window)

This step-by-step digitizing lesson appeared as an online extra feature on the Threads Magazine website. It accompanied an article called "Digitize and Stitch your Monogram" by Richards Jarden for the April/May 2002 issue. Many of our customers have requested that the animation be permanently posted on our website.

The article deals with designing a non-traditional three-letter monogram and then follows the process of digitizing this design from start to finish.

You can order a back issue of Threads issue # 100 from: http://www.taunton.com/store/pages/backissue_th.asp

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Love Those Letters!

by Richards Jarden
Creative Machine Embroidery, February 2001

In the 1930's, nearly every upscale linen shop had its own monogramming department. In stark contrast, commercial embroidery shops that specialize in monogramming are few and far between today, making the home embroidery machine the perfect vehicle for contemporary monograms achievable by home embroiderers. This option has never been available before and embroidery machine dealers report that new machine purchasers cite home decor and lettering as principle reasons for their purchase.

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Monograms & More

A Brief and Selective History of Monograms'
by Richards Jarden
Stitches Magazine February, 2000; Volume 14 No 2, pp. 68-74
(a slightly longer version)

Although monograms sometimes include symbols and purely decorative elements, they almost always involve letters. It is impossible to consider monograms from a historical perspective without first considering the history of letters.

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Personal Touches

by Jill Keller
Stitches Magazine April, 1999; Volume 13 No 5, pp. 78-92

Monograms are coming back with a vengance. They never really went away, they just moved indoors. The monogrammed sweaters and shirts of the early 80s have given way to personalized linens, towels, furniture and more in the 90s. People are decorating their homes with pride and are searching for interesting, fresh monograms that reflect their individuality and spirit. For home-furnishing retailers, embroiderers and monogrammers, it's an exciting opportunity to reach beyond the norm in search of new, creative ideas.

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Pillow Talk

Whether you hang them from the mantel, down a staircase, or on doorknobs these velvet pillows will send good wishes to all of your holiday guests. They're easy to make and also great for gift giving. The November/December 2006 issue of Creative Machine Embroidery has a complete list of materials and step-by-step instructions.

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Starting A Business1

“Starting a Monogramming Business?”

(Part One - Equipment and Software)

Have you ever thought about starting your own monogramming business, and wondered how to begin? This is the first in a series of articles that we hope will be of assistance to anyone who is thinking about monogramming for fun - and profit.

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Starting A Business2

“Starting a Monogramming Business?”

(Part Two - Pricing)

While there are new embroidery businesses sprouting up every day that are started by people with no background in embroidery, many new monogramming businesses are the result of a hobby that turns into a business.

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Starting A Business3

“Starting a Monogramming Business?”

(Part Three - Setting Up Shop)

Although any monogramming business would love to be in a beautiful shop with great interior detailing, ample natural light for a warm and inviting environment, high visibility, lots of customer parking and low rent, not all will be able to find or afford the perfect setting - especially if you are just starting your business.

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Take a Letter

"Take a Letter" (excerpt)
by Maggie Grey
The World of Embroidery November 1999; Volume 50 No 6, pp. 332-334

"Owners of sewing machines with an embroidery unit and the relevant computer program will probably know that there are lots of web sites that offer the option to download designs. Sometimes they are free, sometimes there is a small charge. The World of Embroidery has made an arrangement with Intarsia Arts ), who specialise in monograms and lettering, to offer a free letter and background to our readers. Note that this is available from The World of Embroidery's web site only. Just visit the download page and follow the instructions to download the letter and a background. Now we can explore some of the creative aspects that these very special sewing machines can offer...."

to read the compete text, click here.

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The Sweater

We found this fascinating clipping from a magazine among some old monogram sketches.

Unfortunately whoever cut out the article didn't leave any information to identify the magazine, but we would place it in 1950 or 51 - one of the featured models, Nancy Davis, married Ronald Reagan in the spring of 1952.

These gigantic monograms are on sweaters worn by Esther (Williams) Gage, Nancy Davis, and Cyd (Charisse) Martin. The monograms are all made from beads.

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