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July 01

Directions for Monogrammed Picnic Plates Project / July 2001

This project utilizes letters from our Avant Garde Monogram Set 2.

Step 1. Print the illustrations and instructions.

These are .pdf files, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader software in order to view and print.
To insure printing in exact size, be sure that FIT TO PAGE (see Properties under the Print Menu) is not selected.

Step 2. . Review instructions and materials required (materials list at the end of these instructions).

Step 3. Take measurements from the plates that you will use for this project

The size and type of plate chosen will determine which letter size to use.

This project utilizes inexpensive clear glass plates, plain and without additional etching or decoration. There are many types and several sizes available. We chose a small salad/desert plate that is 7 3/4" (197mm) in diameter. There are larger dinner plates in a similar style, which might also be used for this project, and would provide a larger embroidery area, and the possibility of a combination of two letters.

Although basically similar, there are some variations in the design of clear glass plates available from different sources. Some are completely flat on the bottom. The ones we chose have a shallow depression in the center area on the bottom, which provides a recess into which the embroidered monogram will be pasted.

Based on the plates you are using, you will need to determine the diameter of the embroidery area. We determined that our embroidery diameter should be 3 1/2" (89mm), and allowed 1/4" (6mm) on each side for the backing circle (see instructions for use later in these instructions), so our total diameter was 4î (101mm), which fit nicely within the shallow depression on the underside of the plate.

Based on these measurements, we elected to use the smaller of the two available sizes from the Avant Garde Monogram Set 2 - 2 3/4"(70mm).

Step 4. Choose a monogram letter and do the embroidery

We embroidered the letter S on off-white felt, using a medium weight tear-away stabilizer as backing. We chose a dark red thread (Madeira 1174). You can choose whatever thread color will best match your overall color scheme.

After the embroidery is finished, carefully remove all of the tear-away backing. Use tweezers if needed to remove backing in the interior of letter shapes.

Step 5. Apply heat-fusible transfer webbing.

Using a hot iron, apply a piece of "Wonder-Under" (or similar) paper-backed transfer webbing to the back side of the embroidered felt. Allow to cool thoroughly.

Step 6. Draw a circle on the paper "Wonder-Under" backing.

Locate the center of the embroidered design, and draw a circle 3 1/2" (89mm) in diameter, with the letter centered in the circle. (Note: adjust the circle diameter as required based on the sizes determined in Step 3.)

You can use a compass, or find something around the house that has the correct diameter, and trace around it. We found a partially used roll of masking tape that had the correct outside diameter, and which had the added benefit of having an open center, which made positioning the embroidered letter in the center of the circle very easy.

Step 7. Draw a circle on the decorative paper backing

We chose stiff green decorative paper that had a embossed leaf-pattern. The paper is of similar weight to a standard file folder.

Draw a 4" (101mm) circle on the decorative paper that will be used behind the embroidery. Adjust size as necessary to be compatible with the diameter of the embroidered circle.

Step 8. Trim both circles

Using a sharp pair of good quality scissors, carefully trim each circle along the drawn lines.

Step 9. Attach the two circles to each other

Remove the paper backing from the "Wonder-Under". Position the embroidered circle, embroidery side up, in the center of the decorative paper circle. Using a hot iron, fuse both circles together. Allow to cool thoroughly.

Step 10. Attach bonded circles to the underside of the plate.

Be sure that the underside of the plate is clean.

Place the bonded circle, embroidery side up, on a sheet of newspaper or other clean and protective surface, and spray with spray adhesive.

(After some experimenting with various types of spray adhesive, we chose Elmer's Acid Free Craft Bond Spray Glue. We liked this material the best because it bonded more successfully to glass, and also needed less adhesive. Since the adhesive is being sprayed onto the surface of the embroidery, as well as the felt and decorative paper, excessive amounts of adhesive will cloud the embroidery.)

Spray in a circular motion, with the can approximately 10" (25cm) from the surface. Spray a little extra on the exposed paper edge.

Work quickly. This adhesive is designed to provide a permanent bond if attached within 15 seconds.
Allow to set for at least 1 hour. It will be useful to apply some weight to the back of the decorative paper surface, with the plate upside down. We used a small lightweight plastic bag that was filled with about 2 cups of fine sand, and closed with a twist tie.

Congratulations! Your project is complete.

(Please note that this project has limited durability. The plates cannot be immersed in water without affecting the paper backing, and although the spray adhesive bond should hold up to several uses, it will eventually peel off, even with the most careful handling)

Sources for Materials
Felt, "Wonder-Under", Thread
Widely available in sewing stores.

Enter "Salad Plates" in Search window.
Set of 12, called "Company's Coming Salad Plates".

Decorative paper
We used a green decorative paper manufactured by K & Company. The paper comes in 12" x 12" sheets called "Leaf Blind Embossed Olive Green". It is Code #630369. This paper is widely available in the US in Craft Stores (AC Moore, etc.). For more information, or to contact the company, go to:

Elmer's Acid Free Craft Bond Multi-Purpose Spray Glue
Widely available in hobby stores, craft stores, hardware stores

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