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Directions for Heirloom Christmas Tree Ornament/December 2003

This project utilizes letters from our Romanesque Monogram Set 2.

Step 1.Print the instructions.

These are .pdf files, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader software in order to view and print.
To insure printing in exact size, be sure that FIT TO PAGE (see Properties under the Print Menu) is not selected.

Step 2. . Sew out the letter of your choice

Hoop a piece of white or off-white organza, along with one layer of super-heavyweight water-soluble stabilizer. The organza goes on top of the stabilizer for this project.

There are a few options for manufacturers of this type of stabilizer. We recommend Romeo, a product manufactured in the UK and sold worldwide (see materials list.)

(Note: Because the water-soluble stabilizer is the only backing used for this project, it is important that it be heavy weight. Several layers of lighter weight water-soluble stabilizer will not produce the same results)

Although the designs from the Romanesque Monogram Set 2 are digitized as two color designs (color 1 is the garland border, color 2 is the letter), we chose to sew both parts in white for a more traditional look.

Step 3. Wash away the stabilizer.

Trim the organza and the stabilizer around the design. Leave approximately 3/4” (18mm) excess all around.

Soak the embroidery in a bowl of warm water for several hours to thoroughly dissolve the stabilizer.

Remove the embroidery from the bowl, rinse quickly under running warm water, and place the embroidery on a flat surface on top of several layers of paper toweling.

With another sheet of paper toweling, carefully press out the excess moisture.

Step 4.Stiffen the ornament.

Thin out a small quantity of white glue until it is the consistency of milk.

With the embroidery still on top of the paper toweling, carefully tap an even layer of thinned glue across the entire surface of the embroidery with your finger, being careful to evenly distribute the glue.

Remove the embroidery from the paper toweling. Fold a piece of aluminum foil in half, place the embroidery between the two layers, and place on a flat surface. Put several books on top of the foil to flatten the embroidery and lightly stick it to the foil.

Remove the books after an hour, fold open the foil, and allow the embroidered ornament to air dry overnight.

Step 5. Trim the ornament and attach an ornament hanger.

Carefully trim the organza around the outside of the embroidered garland design, close to the edge but not close enough to cut the embroidery thread.

Attach a loop of thread to the top, through the organza, so that the ornament can be hung on the tree.

Congratulations! Your project is complete

Sources For Materials


Widely available from fabric stores.

White Glue:

Widely available from craft and hardware stores.

Heavyweight Water-Soluble Stablizer:

EmbroiderThis !
Oxnard, CA


Erica’s Craft and Sewing Center
South Bend, IN


Also available in the US and Canada through many Pfaff dealers. In Germany:

Nachmaschined Gabriel
Stepensweg 86
28217 Bremen

In Denmark:

Ana'r Sym Askiner
Amagerbrogarde 263,
2300 Kopenavn 5

In the UK, and for all other enquiries:


WholesaleMonograms.com 17 Fourth Avenue Nyack New York 10960 Contact Us Embroideryarts.com Daniel Wiener