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Directions for Kid's Jacket Project / April 2000

This project uses letters from the Alphabet Monogram Set.

Step 1. Print instructions.

These are .pdf files, and require Adobe Acrobat Reader software in order to view and print.
To insure printing in exact size, be sure that FIT TO PAGE (see Properties under the Print Menu) is not selected.

Step 2. Purchase pre-digitized designs.

If you are using the pre-digitized designs, purchase and download the designs.

Letter shadows. There is a cross-hatch shadow for each letter of our Alphabet Monogram Set, which we used to spell "K I D" on the back of the jacket (You can use your own combination of letters)

Ladybugs. 6 designs - 3 lady bug sizes
Large - 5/8" (16mm) looking left.
Medium - 1/2" (13mm) looking left.
Small - 3/8" (10mm) looking left.
Large - 5/8" (16mm) looking right.
Medium - 1/2" (13mm) looking right.
Small - 3/8" (10mm) looking right.

The files will be received as self-extracting zip files (.exe), with one of the following product numbers:

00350 Alphabet Shadows - csd

00351 Alphabet Shadows - dst

00352 Alphabet Shadows - exp

00353 Alphabet Shadows - hus

00354 Alphabet Shadows - pcs

00355 Alphabet Shadows - pes

00356 Alphabet Shadows - sew

The product also contains a .txt file that can be read or printed, called "Notes". This file contains information about the number of stitches in the design, and the sewing sequence of the various parts of the design.

The product files come in 7 different formats:

.csd Singer / P.O.E.M

.dst Tajima

.exp Melco expanded

.hus Husqvarna Viking

.pcs Pfaff

.pes Brother, Babylock, Bernina

.sew Janome/New Home, Elna

Choose the appropriate format when purchasing and downloading the designs.

Note that the Ladybug set comes with the 6 designs in all 7 formats. After extracting, use the ones you need for you machine and discard the rest.

Step 3. Merge ashadow design and letter from the Alphabet Monogram Set.

The shadow designs are created specifically to go with each letter from our Alphabet Monogram Set. They are named accordingly (e.g. "shadowA" is the mate for the letter "A" from the Alphabet Monogram Set.)

We chose the letters "K" "I" "D" for our jacket back.

Within your embroidery software, merge the appropriate shadow with the appropriate letter.

The shadow sews first, the rest of the letter sews afterward.

Note that each letter of the Alphabet Monogram Set is digitized for an applique as the first part of the digitized design. This allows you to place a piece of fabric within the outline of the letter to isolate the fabric you are sewing on, as we have done in sewing the letters "K I D" on the jacket back. (You can choose your own combination of letters).

Carefully merge the shadow, followed by the letter. When you are satisfied with each combination of shadow and letter, save the merged design under a new file name.

When you are happy with the overall design, save the file with a filename of your choice.

Step 4. Sew out the letters design.

Hoop the jacket, and sew out each letter individually. If you have a large hoop, you can sew out as many letters as will fit within the hoop.

Note that many styles of denim jacket have a seam running horizontally across the back of the jacket. This seam, if present, will make hooping difficult, and may dictate sewing each letter individually, with a separate hooping, avoiding the seam.

Step 5.Sew out teh ladybugs.

Using the three sizes of ladybug, each with a variation of direction (left or right) , place the ladybugs at random, and in groups, on the back, front, collar, etc. Turn the jacket in the hoop to vary the position, and try to create several groupings in different places.

The more bugs the better!

Congratulations! Your project is complete.

Sources for Materials

There are probably many local sources for denim jackets in the correct child size that can be acquired in stores.

In the US , UK, Europe, Japan, and Canada, BabyGap carries a denim jacket in childrenÉs sizes from XXS - XXL.

BabyGap also has online ordering from their website. Click on the link for "Boys Basics", then on the link for "Outerwear", then on the link for "Denim Jacket".

Click here for a direct link (as of April 2000).

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