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Monogrammed Display Tray - with an embroidered panel

Display Tray This project is a finely crafted, solid wood display tray. It has cutout handles on two sides, and is designed so that the handle ends are removable, allowing an embroidered panel to be inserted between a sheet of glass and a masonite backing board - both supplied with the tray.

This project features letters from our Bookplate Monogram Set. This style is perfect for this project because the letters are surrounded by a decorative rectangular border, and a three-letter combination of smaller and large scaled letters is very compatible with a square format.

Step-by-step instructions have been prepared and are available to be printed. We have researched suppliers for the materials needed, and include website links for materials sources.

Preview the instructions or download the instructions.

Sources for Materials

Felt, Heat Fusible Pelon:

Widely available from fabric stores

Mat Board and Art Paper:

Widely available from art supply and craft stores

Small Square Tray:

Manufactured for Sudberry House, the tray is available at many gift and craft shops, online from the companyís website at:

Also available online from Embroider This:

(The small tray, in oak finish, is # 6564X. It has an 8 3/4"(22.2 cm) square design area.)

monogram sets
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monogram sets

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monogram sets
monogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram sets