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Monogrammed Dusting Mitts

Dusting Mitts This project is a pair of plant dusting mitts. These clever fleece mittens are ideal for cleaning the leaves of your houseplants without messing up your hands (or the plants.) To give them a playful design twist, we’ve embroidered them with letters from our Chinois Monogram Set - L for left, R for right.


Step-by-step instructions have been prepared and are available to be printed. There is also a full-sized template for use in cutting out blanks for sewing the mitts.

Preview the instructions or download the instructions and template.

Sources for Materials

Widely available at fabric stores

Alternate - Pre-constructed plant mitts:
Sold by Fiskars Inc. through gardening and hardware stores.
For more information, or to find a retailer near you, search under "Leaf Shine Mitts" at:

Note: unless your machine can be run in tubular mode, without a table, it may be impossible to hoop and embroider the pre-constructed version.

monogram sets
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monogram sets

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monogram sets
monogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram sets