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Paperweight This project is a paperweight, using letters from Harlequin Monogram Set.

We have created digitized companion designs for the paperweights. Each paperweight set contains 6 variations of borders. These designs are ideally suited to any of our smaller letter sizes.

Paperweight Decorative BordersMerge these designs with your own choices of lettering style from our Monogram Sets collection to create unique coasters for gifts or personal use. These designs are ideally suited to any of our smaller letter sizes.

For those who want to digitize their own designs, there are templates for each size that can be downloaded and scanned into your software, so that you can create your own details to add to our Monogram Sets.

Purchase Paperweight Borders: $

When purchased each paperwieght set contains 6 different files in 7 different formats, all bundled together in a self-extracting zip file.

Step-by-step instructions have been prepared, and are available to be printed. We have researched suppliers for the materials needed, and include website links for materials sources.

Preview the instructions or download the templates. Templates also include printable instructions.

Sources for Materials

Round Dome Glass Paperweights:
In the US, The Yard Tree stores sell a glass paperweight designed to display needlepoint projects, etc.

The size that we are working with has a design size of 2.75" (70mm). This size is Yarn Tree # 7383.

For a description, and to find a store near you: offers the same paperweight (Glass-Round Dome), and has online ordering:
All Stitched Up

In the UK, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, a similar paperweight blank is sold by Framecraft Miniatures, Ltd. The closest match in size is PW3 (2 5/8" round).

For information about dealers:

We used a cork circle under our 3 1/2" paperweight. This is the same cork circle used in our previous Coasters project. (Note: this cork circle is too large to be used with the Framecraft paperweight, which comes with its own self-adhesive backing)

Cork Circles :
Available for purchase online from The Cork

The appropriate product is called "Coasters and Hot Pads - 3 1/2" diameter". They can be purchased individually in three different color shades. We used the "light" color for our samples.

This link will take you to a product search engine. Type in "Coasters" and you will be taken to a screen with displays of several types. Look for the 3/12" diameter product. Enter the number of units required and complete online purchasing.

Note: this is a US company with direct shipping options to the US and Canada. For questions about international shipping, contact the company by email:

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