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Monogrammed Purse with Bamboo Handles

Purse This unusual project, utilizing our Monogram Sets, is a monogrammed purse with bamboo handles. It has a breezy 1940s feel - for formal or casual use.

This project features a letter and circular border from our Asian Monogram Set 1. We created a decorative border by copying the same monogram 9 times. One of the designs is sewn in a contrasting color, as an accent..

Thanks to Susan Schrempf, a recognized embellishment expert, for creating this project. Susan is the author of Simple Ribbon Artistry by Machine (Victorian Venture) and contributes regularly to sewing publications. She can be contacted at

Step-by-step instructions have been prepared and are available to be printed. We have researched suppliers for the materials needed, and include website links for materials sources

Preview the instructions or download the instructions.

Sources for Materials

Stabilizer, Wonder Tape, Thread, Fabric

Widely available at local sewing stores.

6” Bamboo Handle Handbag Kit:

Sudberry House

The company has local retail distribution, and also has secure online ordering:

monogram sets
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monogram sets
monogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram sets