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Apron - a monogrammed Battenberg Lace apron.

ApronThis unusual project, utilizing our Monogram Sets, is a monogrammed Battenberg Lace apron. Our photo illustration shows a monogram utilizing designs from our Candlewick Monogram Set.

The Candlewick Monogram Set was developed in collaboration with Susan Schrempf and Gail Tibbetts.

Susan is an embellishment artist whose primary focus is on machine arts. She has taught her techniques through workshops in sewing shops and guilds throughout the US. She is the author and publisher of "Simple Ribbon Artistry by Machine". Susan can be contacted at

Gail is a designer and digitizer who has worked extensively with Bernina Artista software. For more information, please visit

Step-by-step instructions have been prepared and are available to be printed. We have researched suppliers for the materials needed, and include website links for materials sources.

Preview the instructions .

Sources for Materials
Embroider This!
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monogram sets
Big Name DropperRetail DealersLetterBits Embroidery Software Protection
monogram sets

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monogram sets
monogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram setsmonogram sets